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I have had a lot of very well-respected bowling professionals and coaches tell me that I should change from being a “full-roller” ... being a ¾ roller.

From what I understand, a ¾ roller has advantages that the full rollers don’t…like more pin action, and also being able to take advantage of all of the “super-duper-technology-cores” that bowling balls now have.

But, my question is this; if I need to change so much… to go from full-roller to ¾ roller… but I am already a fairly decent bowler (for bowling in league 3 yrs)… (214 book avg., (2) 300 games, (2) 299 games, and I have lost track of the 289 & 279 games…all within the last 13 months….and still growing, why should I change? I must admit that this season I have been struggling a little, but I blame that on execution...not because of the ball roll.

I mean, I did some research, and I read that Jim Maxey (from Atlanta) won 21 PBA Regional Titles…and he was a full roller too. So, what's up with that? I mean, doesn't that mean he just perfected what "he does"?

Anyway… I just want to know… is it really worth it? I took a lesson today from Mo Rich, and he says I should change to the ¾ if I want to get better. Also, Dannial Cohen and Lonnie Hill says I should change.... Now, I believe their opinions…from “their position”…but, I don’t want to bowl for a living..or go on a tour or any of that. And even as a 3 yr. novice bowler...I still sometimes beat many of the "technically correct" bowlers who do bowl everyday, etc, …and I do actually win a little extra in some of the tournaments, and league brackets I enter too.

Anyway, I look forward to other opinions about this…because for me to's gonna take a big change as far as balls being re-drilled, and also a lot of time to actually develop a new way of bowling.

Thanks in advance,


ps - so, am I also to believe that If Jason Belmonte starts winning all of the time on the PBA tour in say the next 3 years (because of his higher revs, and more pin action) ...that all of you who use 1 hand need to change to the 2-handed way he bowls?

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Sounds to me like your recent success has got you semi satisfied with your game. I have always been taught that when you become satisfied you quit getting better. I know that you are still taking lessons and have a passion for the game. If more than one coach is telling you the same thing, they see potential that you have not reached yet. They would not tell you these things if your ability would not let you do it. Obviously you have the athletic ability to throw a 3/4 roller or they (more than one person) would not have made the sudjestion. I'm not saying that you can't get better with a full roller, I'm just saying these coaches see more potential in "YOUR GAME" with a 3/4 roller. Either way, keep practicing, and do not be satisified.

Just my opinion
Randy, man… honestly, I am NOT satisfied with my bowling at all (overall). I still sometimes miss spares (that's what I see the most in Greg Black Jr... that dude doesn't miss), and that is what I feel like is really needed in my bowling the most. Missing spares is really that part of my game that drives me

But - Just so you know, I have already made up in my mind that I AM going to make the switch to the ¾ thing (reluctantly…lol), but, man….when you see how many balls that I have to get re-plugged, and re-drilled…$$$heeesh… I ain’t looking forward to all of that. :-(

Also, when I do what they are teaching me…it actually “feels” as awkward as bowling left-handed…serious. So, it may be a long…long time before I will feel any comfort changing to this “correct” release.

Anyway, thanks Randy… I really value your advice ….and since like you say…all 3 of them say I need to change… I guess I better “suck it up”, and just go for it.
missing too many spares, that's my problem right now also. two missed spares in one night is the diff between 215 and 225 ave. I throw plenty of strikes, its them couple of misses that's killing me right now.
I know it's expensive, but it's our hobby. And we spend alot of money on our hobbies.
Hi, Chase, I use a 3/4 roller most of the time, and over the years it has been good for me. Most bowler had their own game. Since I have been a team bowler and anchor man most of the time...I found that I have to be good at finishing out a game with strikes or spares. Most league games are won and lost with spares. I suggest you get a good spare system that fits your game. The 3-6-9 spare system fits my games. I suprise people when I pick up spare bowling with my right like I was a left hander. (I use my back up position) What ever you decide to do....practice-practice-practice....and know your GAME !!!
Keep in mind that back when Maxey was king here in Atlanta the standard was full roller. That was the roll that rule then. When polyester (plastic) came out that started to change and the ones with 3/4 started ruleing. It has been that way since. Your carry should increase once you get used to a 3/4 roll. You also will probley never roll over that thumb hole ever again. :) It will take some work to get it down but you already work hard so shouldn't take you as long as most. Keep us posted as to your progress.
Well Wayne... I spent the last 2 days practicing with the 3/4 roll...and 1 of those days was with Dannial Cohen watching and coaching. It's so funny because when I do everything "right" ..and when Dannial would "see it"...LOL, man.. it felt like I was doing everything wrong... It just feels so wierd for now.

But, just to keep you posted... I actually shot a 216 game today...and was also picking up multiple-pin spares using the 3/4 roll too. So, there is hope for me. The biggest thing right now is that when I release it...I have NO CLUE what the ball is going to do.... serious. I'm like releasing it.. and watching the ball roll.

Thanks again for your encouragement... it really does help. :)
A lot of people told me that my bowling would suffer a little... and I also researched some forums online that said that when I am in the transition stage of going from a "full-roller" to a 3/4 it's going to be a little tough as far as my regular bowling goes...

Well, I shot a 484 in league tonight...and I must say, maybe this is true.

I found myself pretty much confused the whole night...and maybe only threw 1 or 2 decent shots all night. I missed almost every single spare too. It was really frustrating. For some reason (now).. I am not able to shoot or roll the ball with any acuracy (it seems)... Has anyone else here went through this stage?

I even told my team it will be best for them to get our sub for next week (at least)... until I get this figured out... or something happens to where I can roll the ball over what I am looking at. Right now, every shot I take is going "right" of where I am normally looking.
Chase, I am being told the oppsite.  they say that i should be a full roller coz my track is always over my thumb.  i have tried to change everything to get off my thumb, just cant seem to get it right.  my question is how will my ball look with a full roller layout.  yes i have seem you roller before, never thought that you wasnt a 3/4 roller.  your shot looked good as every.   is being a full roller that bad?!


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